A gift that makes her say "damn, that was thoughtful."

The first rule of Mother's Day gift shopping is that the gift needs to be something she wants. Not something she needs, or could really use. Nope. Make her feel like the special bad(ass) madre that she is, by giving her a gift that screams "I care!"

Lucky for you, we've done the digging and made a guide to help get you there. This is the Mother's Day gift guide for any type of mama: from the maybe-golfer madre to the avid-golfer madre, and even the sits-in-the-cart-and-drinks-rose madre.

First, the outfit. We design our clothes to work as well off the course as they do on the course (so like... really well). And we have a 100% 5-star review track record ;) to prove that our ladies feel authentic, comfortable, and confident in their Sierra Madre clothes.

For the neutral, earth-tone loving mama:

For the colorful madre:

Outfit: check.

Gear: Here we go!

Clubs: For the Madre who has no clubs, we recommend getting her a used club to start out (see more on our blog post: One Club Is All It Takes)! If you can spring for 3 clubs - give her a driver, wedge (or high-number iron), and a putter.

A Sunday bag is a nice touch, so her hands can (for once) not be a juggling act with a dozen different items. Here are our faves for a sweet deal & available on Amazon:

If you can go for the whole set, Robin Golf has a great, clean set that is truly a quality product for a fair price. We recommend going for a modern-looking set that'll get the job done. You want to avoid a loud, bright-pink set that just yells "I'm new at this!"

Let's not forget some other golf essentials:

AND LAST, but not least, let's fill the bag with goodies that she wants, but is too selfless to treat herself too:

Happy Mother's Day to all the bad madres out there!


Sierra Madre Girlies