First time on the golf course? Here’s our short & sweet golf necessities list!

1. CLUB(S): First things first, you'll need something to play golf with… but against popular belief, it doesn’t need to be a full set of clubs. Both Sierra Madre founders literally played with one club for their first year of golf (shoutout to the little wedge that could). If you don’t have your own club(s), you can rent them from the course, or snag ‘em on the cheap at a used sports equipment store.

2. BALLS: Grab a bunch of beginner-friendly balls. Check out our previous post for recommendations, but here’s a quick recap: Noodles, Vice Golf Drive, or some second-hand finds. Trust us, you’ll be glad you have extras when a few vanish into the wild.

3. GOLF FIT: It’s true what they say, look good, play good. Pick out a cute, golf-appropriate outfit that adheres to the dress code of the course AND makes you feel CONFIDENT.

P.S. Mock Necks count as a collar at 99% of courses…

4. TEES: You can't tee off without tees! Grab a handful because they tend to disappear as quickly as your golf balls. They’re cheap, so stock up.

5. BALL MARKER: Something to mark your ball when you’re putting. You can also use something as simple as a coin. You don’t need anything fancy. But if you do want to be a little fancy… check out our Ball Marker Hair Clip – it's functional and fashionable!

That’s it for our golf essentials for beginners (& honestly not-beginners)!

Honorable Mentions:

1. Glove: Time to answer the age-old question “Do I need a golf glove?” -- No, you don’t. Golf gloves are to help with your grip and prevent blisters, but it’s not mission critical to have one. You can 100% still swing a golf club without a glove.

2. Bag: If you're only dealing with a few clubs, something small like a fanny pack or tote bag will do. It’s nice to have a place to keep all your tees, golf balls, and ball marker. If your clothes have pockets though (like this golf skort with 3 large pockets 😉), don’t worry about the bag.