How to get your first bucket of balls & out on the driving range:

So you want (NEED) to practice but you've never navigated the driving range by yourself? No problemo not-so-lone ranger, everyone's been there.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: No one was born knowing golf. The swing, the weird terminology, the course geography, none of it. So let us break it down -- from one non-pro to another ;) LET'S GET YOU ON THE RANGE.

Step 1: Go to the pro shop*

*Pro shop is that store near the entrance of a golf course -- it's a shop with golf clothes & equipment as well as where you check in for a tee time AND where you get range balls

  • You can leave your golf bag (if you have one) outside of the shop or bring it in with you (link here for tips and tricks if you don't have equipment!)
  • Go to the cashier and ask for a "bucket of balls"* (*it's more of a basket than a bucket, but everyone calls it a bucket, so here we are)
  • The cashier may ask if you want to large or small bucket -- larger = more balls, small = less. A small bucket will cost ya $6-$10, and a large $8-$15
  • The cashier will give you either tokens or a receipt with #'s to enter into the ball machine

Step 2: Find the ball machine (technical term ;)

  • Fast forward: You've found the machine, now to find your bucket *cough basket*
  • CRITICAL STEP: Put your basket under the ball dispenser
    • You don't want to be that person that sends 60 golf balls flying everywhere
    • If you do forget, don't worry, most of us have sadly been that person
  • Put token in or enter receipt code #
  • Bada-bing-bada-boom, you got a bucket of balls

    Step 3: Get on that driving range

    • Put your bag/clubs a few feet behind the roped off or designated range area
    • Knock that bucket o' balls over near where you'll be hitting

    Step 4: GRIP IT & RIP IT

    • Get to golfin'
    • Friendly reminder: Everyone is focused on their own game / not watching you. Even if you shank it 90 degrees - apologize to your neighbor and keep chugging along. It's called practice for a reason ;)
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