In golf, there's a lot of gear, many non-sensical terms (shank, bogey, ace… what!?), and (potentially) high costs. So if you're starting out and feeling overwhelmed, don't worry, you aren't alone. We'd love to help with some tips on how to start out.

Places to go:

  1. TopGolf, Five Iron Golf, miniature golf: Dip your toes into the game of golf in a fun, inviting environment where you don't need any clubs or gear.
  2. A driving range: With a friend or hack it out solo! All driving ranges should have clubs you can rent. Some more casual courses (i.e. municipal courses) also have a lost and found collection of clubs that they let new players use for free on the driving range. You can always call and ask if they have freebies available before arriving… trust us… it isn't weird.
  3. A group clinic or private lessons: A way to zero-in on areas for improvement, and meet some new players in the game or avid players improving their game.
  4. Par 3 courses: A great way to practice playing an actual round! Par 3's usually have clubs that you can rent for a few bucks.


How to get clubs:

  • Golf courses have clubs you can rent - this can be pricey. Muni courses are usually ~$20-$30. Private courses will cost ~$50-$100.
  • Buying used clubs is a great, affordable way to build your bag. A few physical locations to snag some reasonably-priced, used clubs are Golf Galaxy, PGA TOUR Superstore, and most thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army). eBay, Callaway Pre-OwnedRock Bottom Golf are online sources for used clubs as well. When I (Bonny, Co-founder of Sierra Madre) started out I literally had 1 club - a used, 50-degree wedge that I got for $53 - that I used for every shot FOR A YEAR. You don't need to get fancy with a new, or even full set of clubs when you're starting out.
  • You can rent a set from Clublender. A bit pricey, but they're new editions of clubs that even come in a top notch golf bag.
We hope this post encourages you to give golf a shot. If you take anything away from this, please let it be this: All you need to be a golfer is a club, a ball, and the courage to give it a swing.