Ever been working on your swing at the range, minding your own business, when a random dude offers you "the secret" to golf greatness?

…yeah, me too.


Swing Scene Drama:
Let me set the scene: My friend Sarah is in the zone, perfecting her backswing, when Mr. Know-It-All struts over. "You’re doing it wrong," he declares with the confidence that only a 38 handicap can have. Sarah, always polite, listens to his advice for the next few minutes. Fast forward, she's using the last few balls in her buck trying to undo his "helpful" damage. Sound familiar?

Then there's me, facing the Persistent Pointer. He's got the nerve to hover and critique my every move. I smile, nod, and internally scream, "Seriously, dude, I didn’t ask for a lesson!"

The Art of the Stylish Shutdown:
How do we gracefully deflect these unsolicited swing critiques? Simple—acknowledge, redirect, and set boundaries. With style.

Here’s your playbook:

  1. Acknowledge and Move On: Flash a smile and say, “Thanks for the tip!” Then, without skipping a beat, add, “I’m working on something else in my swing right now. But I'll keep that in mind once I get this down.” A little sugar makes the medicine go down.
  2. Polite Power Moves: If the advice keeps coming, a firm but friendly, “I appreciate your input, but I need to focus today,” should do the trick. Boundaries, darling.
  3. Kindness... with a dash of Sass: Even when you’re annoyed, kindness can go a long way. Try something like, “I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I’m in my own little world right now—thanks for understanding!”
  4. We're just looking for different things: This approach is my personal favorite because it quickly puts you in the drivers seat by changing the goal completely. Something like “Thanks, but I’m just here for some peace and quiet” makes it clear that you aren't the audience for swing tips without bruising anybody's ego.

Now, I like to assume that most people dishing their unwanted advice don’t mean any harm... but there's no denying the harm they cause. So, here are just a few more polite, no-B.S., phrases to have in your back pocket:

  • “Thanks, but I’m focusing on my own game today. Enjoy your practice!”
  • “I appreciate the advice, but I’m happy with my swing.”
  • “I’m not looking for tips right now. Have a great day!”

Or you can skip the back and forth altogether with the “I Don’t Want Your Swing Tips” hat. It may feel like a sassy dig, but if someone’s watching you closely enough to offer unsolicited advice on your slice, they can definitely read this hat. And we think that's a good thing.



Remember, your range time is yours. Claim it, own it, and swing like the Bad Madre you are. 

Until next time, keep swinging and remember: You’ve got this and you really don’t need their swing tips.