Swing in style. Putt with politeness.


  1. Show up early.

It’s common courtesy to show up at least 20 minutes before your tee time. This is important so you can check in, stretch, get loose. We’d recommend arriving 40 minutes early if you’d like to hit some practice shots.

  1. Obey cart rules.

Golf courses have easy-to-follow cart paths to guide golfers from hole to hole. Your safest bet is to stay on the (usually pathed) path, but it’s ok to drive on the fairway as well. Just keep an eye out for “no carts” signs and don’t drive on the tee box or the green (keep your cart parked on the path for those two spots).

  1. Don’t talk while others are swinging.

When someone is hitting, zip it! Sometimes the smallest noise can mess with a golf swing. Stay off your phone and stay alert when others are playing.

  1. Where not to stand.

Don’t stand directly behind or in the line of sight of your fellow player. You don’t want to catch a golf club to the face… and you don’t want to cast a shadow in your mate’s way.

  1. Be careful where you walk.

Speaking of putting etiquette, make sure you are careful of where you step on the green. Because of spike marks (from golf shoes) and casting a shadow, walking in a fellow player’s line can guide their putt offline.

  1. Lost ball etiquette.

If you think your ball is headed to a hazard… make sure to watch it land! You should spend under three minutes searching for your ball. If you can’t find it in that time, no biggie, just take drop (ie +1 to your score and drop a new ball to play with).