"What equipment do I need to play golf?" you ask... Our answer: a few golf balls and a club.
"A (singular) club?" you say... Why yes. We'd like to tear down the intimidating impression that golf gives that you need to have all the things -- i.e. a full set. You only need ONE CLUB to get started!
Both co-founders of Sierra Madre started out with just one club -- the same club in fact. Big sisterhood of the traveling pants club vibes. Love to see it.
Co-founder Bonny slung around this used, $53, 50-degree wedge for a WHOLE YEAR as her one and only club. She used it for driving, putting, and every shot in between.
So great, we have our supplies list: 1) golf balls, and 2) a club. Now, let's execute.
Golf Balls: Can buy a box of balls at the pro shop, department sports store (e.g. Golf Galaxy, Dick's, even Target), (or!!) get them on the cheap at a used sporting goods store or at every other garage/estate sale.


Golf Club: If you're getting one club, we recommend one of the following: a high # iron (i.e. 7 - 9 iron) or a wedge. The ball may not go very far, but your chance of hitting it is higher and these clubs are more versatile. You can go to the PGA superstore, the golf course pro shop, or online for a new club.

For a used club (our personal favorite), here are some options:


How do you know what club to buy? You can do what Bonny did and just grab the cool gun-metal-colored one… OR you can use some online resources that will guide you to the right club. Check out Curated which offers a free quiz to help find the curated club for you ;)
More questions? We love that golf fire. Drop us a line at howdy@sierramadregolf.com or shoot us a DM on Instagram.