Alright, ladies, it’s time to grab those clubs, throw on your fave golf outfit, and hit the course with your besties. Whether you're a seasoned golf girlie or just in it for the cute clothes, planning a group golf outing is a must, because they’re high-key so fun. Here’s your guide to organizing a fab day on the fairway.


Claim Your Turf at the Driving Range:

Getting space on the driving range can feel like trying to get into Paperboy at 11AM without a reservation… impossible. But don’t worry, strategic planning is your secret weapon.

If you’re wanting the range sesh to be the main event of your girl gang golf outing, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Check google maps’ handy “popular times” feature to find a comfortably casual time to swing by. If you decide to take the golf bull by the horns and show up to a packed range, just be patient and start with one bay. Before you know it, a space next to you will open up.
  2. Give the pro shop a call. If the range you’re eyeing seems to always be busy, no worries. Just give them a call a few days in advance and explain that you’re bringing a group AND that you’re introducing more women to the game! 99% of the time the good folks at the pro shop will champion that initiative, and you might even score a few reserved bays. 

Pro Tip: At Sierra Madre Golf, we love to start at one end of the range during our events. It gives you a bit more privacy and a dedicated space to chat, laugh, and shake off the shanks (and at the very least avoid unsolicited swing tips).


Booking Tee Times for Your Girl Gang:

Most golf courses have a standard policy for tee times, allowing up to four players per group. But what if your girl squad is bigger? For groups larger than four, you’ll need to get a bit creative.

First, you should be able to book several tee times in a row if you do it far enough in advance. If that seems daunting (you’re not alone… booking on a website that hasn’t changed a pixel since 2002 can feel sketchy), don’t hesitate to go old school and call the pro shop. They’re there to help you, and they want you to play golf!

Pro Tip: Bring a portable speaker! It’s so fun to have music when you’re out on the course, and believe it or not it’s totally normal. Wait, is golf a vibe?


Coordinating Outfits (Yes, It’s a Thing!):

We love a ~matching moment~ and now with the Sierra Madre Group Buy & Save feature, you get 25% off apparel when you buy 10+ items. *Girl math, if everyone in my foursome buys an outfit, we all get 25% off… which basically means mid-round margs are more than covered* So yeah, it pays to look cute.

“But I want to coordinate socks too!” We love that and we got you. If you buy 10 or more of any accessory, you’ll automatically get 25% off too. Keep the margaritas flowing? As fashion expert Anna Dello Russo says, “Accessories are like vitamins to fashion - as such, you should use them liberally.” Consider our Group Buy & Save feature the vitamix of fashion. 


Group Etiquette Tips:

For some very lame reason, women seem get a bad rap on the course… and to that we say (scream) “FOREEEEEE!” (*golf speak for that’s way out of bounds*). It’s time we change the narrative. So, when you're out on the course, especially with a big group, you’ll carry the torch for women everywhere by being mindful of:

  1. Pace of Play: First things first, enjoy yourself. It’s no fun to feel rushed or antsy, but as is the case in all things, it is important to be aware. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a photo op on the course… you can, but it does mean you can’t have your turndog and eat it too. If you’re getting the perfect ~(not-golf) shot~, you’re going to have to deprioritize chasing that rogue ball or extra putts. A good way to have it all is to get a bit ahead of pace of play. For example, if the starter (guy who meets you at your first hole) says the pace is play is 15 minutes per hole, shoot for 12. When you start to get ahead, then you’ll have no-stress time to do whatever you want.
  2. Noise: Basically, just read the room (or range) for the vibe. If the range has music going and people are jolly, then let loose. If people are quiet and focused, just try to avoid talking during their backswing (good golf etiquette anyway). Respecting the ambiance ensures everyone has a good time.


Planning a group golf outing doesn't have to be a headache. With a little organization, some impeccable outfit coordination, and the right attitude, you'll be set for a day that's equal parts fun and fabulous. So, grab your clubs, rally the girls, and get ready to tee off in style.

Giddy up, golf girls!